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Best biographies for middle school students

I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World by Malala Yousafzai When she was 10, Malala’s region was taken over by the Taliban. One of their many rules was that no girls should go to school. Malala disagreed and stood up, fighting for her education. Taliban fighters shot her as she traveled home from school. Written in a short, comic book style, the Saddleback Graphic Biographies are fast-paced, engaging, and easy to read. Each title is about 32. Here are few biographies that are appropriate for middle school and high school ages. Use them as a starting point to learn more about real men and women who made a difference in the world. American Dinosaur Hunters (Collective Biographies) by Nathan Aaseng Best Biographies for Teens, as Chosen by Educators 5 Ways to Teach Biographies in Middle and High School Biographies Middle School Students Should Read Biographies for Middle School students Join Goodreads Listopia Memoir and Autobiographies for Middle Grades This is a list of memoir and autobiography appropriate for the middle school classroom.

It can be written by young people or about an author's youth or even specifically marketed to a middle grades audience. A diversity of cultures and experiences is welcomed. flag Notable Civil Rights Leaders - Biographies of Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and many more. African-American Astronauts - by NASA. Richard Allen - Philadelphian who founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Marian Anderson - Biography with illustrations. For older middle schoolers. Marching For Freedom by Elizabeth Partridge (grades 6 and up) Ten-year-old Joanne Blackmon and many other brave children became the youngest to. Abraham Lincoln is, of course, recognized for his leadership of our country and his work to end the evil of slavery. This book explores both Lincoln’s story and his greatest leadership characteristics, especially how they can apply to you today. 6. Aung San Suu Kyi | The Lady and the Peacock: The Life of Aung San Suu Kyi Historical figures are important to include, but so are modern day biographies that students can personally relate to! For example, include a biography about Beyonce or Taylor Swift so students are already familiar with the person, but are now diving deeper into their life to see where their success came from-- struggles and all.

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Best biographies for middle school students

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